Diamond Ring

Christopher Boots ©2011

An extension of Christopher’s interest in all thing geological. All design starts as a vision, daydream or feeling, and so it is with Diamond Ring. Naturally occurring quartz crystals appear to have grown and lit themselves from the inside, illustrating his explorations of pure natural expression. Silicon Dioxide (SiO2) is one of the most abundant materials in the earth’s crust, but as a crystal form, quite rare.

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Clear and smoky quartz crystal. Please discuss finish options with your dealer.

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Quartz crystal, iron, polymer, gallium.


Dimensions: 450mm ∅ – 2100mm ∅.

Weight: Starts at 10.0kg.

Lamping: 2500K-2700K LED. Other options available.

Dimming: 0-10V. Other options available.

Details & Notes: Please note Diamond Ring is produced in limited editions of 25 per year. Smokey quartz is extremely limited. Your dealer will advise on availability.